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Events for September 22nd, 2017

Before Dream NAtion - Added by the aktivists (0 Attending)
Starts: 2017/09/22

On Friday 22, we will head to the architect boat Petit Bain for Dream Nation festival?s before party ! What could possibly start our trip through thrilling electronic sounds better than a club night on a
ship ? From the moon-beams-bathed terrace to the club located in the hold, the public will be able to quietly ride on Talamasca?s ? the French historical figure ? bewitching sets or on E-Clip?s music,
the new rising start of Serbian Trance. From midnight to 6 AM, this summery cruise will be a promising warm-up for the next day?s odyssey.


E-Clip [SRB]
Talamasca [FR]
Dj Drenan [FR]
Raf Fender [FR]

---------USEFUL INFO ----------------

23H45 ? 06H00
7 Port de la Gare 75013 Paris
M?6 - Quai de la gare
M?14 / RER C - Biblioth?que F. Mitterrand

--------- TICKETS ------------------------
PRESALE: 12 ? + Rental fee
Available on Digitick / Link :


--------- MORE INFO ---------------------------

Facebook :
Site :

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Voltage: Hardstyle Sessions - Added by voltageofficial (0 Attending)
Starts: 2017/09/22

Voltage brings to you Hardstyle Sessions. A mixture of familar faces to international class!
Remember to Invite all your friends this one will be huge.

(Student discount! must show uni card)

Malua Acknowledged as the ?queen? of Hardstyle Don?t be fooled by her radiance, this pioneering
gal is not afraid to play rough and raw! Her invigorating performances at Unleashed, Megabase,
Ground Zero, Summerfestival, A2 Records presents: Unstoppable and Penoze have proven her a
worthy contender in the scene as fans recognise that there?s more to this beauty than meets the

In recent times, Malua?s career has soared with her official remix for Mr. Puta?s hit ?Green Stuff.?
Adding her own modern spin on this unforgettable classic, the remix generated an astonishing level
of support and was even featured during Defqon.1?s infamous Power Hour!

Avi8 (CO HEADLINE & BOURNEMOUTH DEBUT) One of the many greats in Euphoric Hardstyle and a
mainstay throughout Europe, recently smashing the festival scene with gigs at Kiddstock, Gerbox
Australia and more.

Dj John Black: A familiar face in the South West Hard Dance scene smashing it everywhere he
goes. Be taken on a trip through time and remember the "good old days" with Johns Hardstyle
Classics set. One to not miss!

LIL BRI: Regulars and Hardcore heads you know who this is! Signed to Hardcore Revolution and a
mainstay in the Core unity events. Fancy a faster tempo? Then this ones for you.

MC Lixxy: Having hosted sets over the past 10 years for & with the likes of Darren Styles, Whizzkid,
Hixxy Breeze, DJ Sy, Organ Donors, Ramos, Dougal, Vinylgroover, Mark eg, and More! He is more
than capable of delivering every time!
This ones going to be good!

W0ttz & MC Lixxy: The man behind Voltage takes you on a 150 - 170 bpm set. The longer he plays
the faster it gets! expect to hear Hardstyle, Psy & UK Hardcore bangers.

Baptek Le Francais - Straight from the rave parties of France and showing you how the French
party with a Hard tek, Gabber & French core set.

Three Kings of Wonk - "Donk style oo doesnt luv it" set

Mc Competition details coming soon

Drink Deals from ?2 including:
?2 selected cans and spirits
3 jagers ?5
Tap beers from ?2.70 to ?3.70

18 + event clicking interested or attend means you give us permission to film you to collect clips
for an aftermovie and take pictures for promotional use.

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