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Showing news from 2005/2
   16,000 members has surpassed 16,000 registered members!. What is very interested is that we reached 16K from 15K twice as fast as it took us to us to reach 15K from 14K, just going to show the increase in hardcore's popularity!

Many thanks to all the donating members, loyal supporters, forum and chat regulars, shop regulars and customers, radio listeners and of course all the moderators, radio DJ's and helpers of the site. Thanks for making us the number 1 hardcore radio station and website in the world!
   HeartBeatz goes on sale today!
The commercial release of the hardcore track Styles & Breeze feat. Karn Danzig - Heartbeatz from AATW goes on sale today in the UK. The track is already the number 1 music video being playing on "the box" (a UK based music video TV service). We will know the chart position Sunday 5th March 2005. Good luck Breeze, Styles and Karen for the release.

AATW (All Around the World) are a commercial dance label based in the UK.

Heartbeatz - Final cover

   Sharkey's new label and the end of Bonkerz
News has slowly surfaced on Sharkey's new hardcore label now official know as "Kaotik Records". Some the artists featured on the new label are AC Slator, Kevin Energy, AMS, K Lee UHF and K Complex all producing slightly different hardcore stuff . Sharkey has also released news that the long running Bonkerz vinyl label will be coming to and end.

The first release on the label will be:
A: AC Slater - Overdose Music
B: AC Slater - 27 Hits

Kaotik Records

   More Quosh info
Quosh Records have released new information regarding their sixty second release. Current on test press and it should be in stores soon.

QSH 062
A: Gammer - Let It Go
B: Sy & Unknown - Rock It Like This
2005/02/25 radio breaks record again
Numbers talk, radio this week broke our simultaneous radio listener record! The new record stands at 954 simultaneous listeners! Just shy of 1,000 listeners! Amazing...

We actually had so many people tuned in that we had timeouts problems just trying to keep count the numbers of people listening. You may have noticed our listener count for example was dropping from 500 down to 300 then back to 500 again, we have put the audio monkeys to work and these problems and other tweaks for the radio listener count should be all fixed up making the numbers more stable and more accurate :)
   Final tracklist and final artwork for Hardcore Nation
The final tracklist and artwork has landed for the new 3 disc hardcore compliation album from Nukleuz and Warner Dance called Hardcore Nation. The CD is to be released March 7th 2005 and can be pre-ordered now!

DJ Seduction's mix:
1. * Gammer "Let It Go" (VIP Exclusive Album Mix)
2. * Sy & Unknown "Caught Up In Your Love"
3. Insight "Only Your Love" (Scott Brown Remix)
4. * DeejayBee & In Effect "Fresh Cuts Last"
5. ASA & S1 Feat Lou Lou "Making Me Wanna Dance" (Sy & Unknown Rmx)
6. * Sy & Unknown "Make It Bounce" (VIP Exclusive Album Mix)
7. * Gammer "Feel The Bass"
8. * Visa "Fly Away" (DJ Seduction Rmx)
9. * Seduction & Storm "Make The Track Spin"
10. Dougal & Gammer "Stand & Stare (Kick Ya Legs)"
11. * Sy & Unknown "I See The Light"
12. * Flyin & Sparky "Energy Rush" (Stompy Remix)
13. DJ Seduction "Slammin & Jammin"
14. * Stompy & Abeyance "Time To Fly" (DJ Seduction Rmx)
15. * Adam L "Body Shake"
16. * DeejayBee & Compulsion "Energy"
17. Aluna "All Of My Life" (Breeze & Styles Rmx)

Stu Allan's mix:
1. Diss Reaction "Jeeiihaaa!"
2. Stingray & Sonicdriver "Cold As Ice" (Rmx)
3. * Stu Allan & Pete Pritchard "Love You More" (Original Hardcore Mix)
4. DJ Paul Elstak "Don't Leave Me Alone"
5. * Organ Donors "What's Up?" (Dougal & Gammer Rmx)
6. * Praga Khan "Injected With A Poison" (Hixxy Mix)
7. * Visa "Don't Go Away" (Visa 2005 Mix)
8. Visa "Fly Away" (Original Mix)
9. Bang! "Cloudy Daze"
10. United In Dance "Still The One"
11. * Impact & Resist "Drifting Away"
12. * DJ Energy "Serenity" (Visa Rmx)
13. DJ Breeze "Let's Fly" (Original Mix)
14. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo "Wonderfull Days" (Original Trance Mix)
15. Force & Styles "Pretty Green Eyes"
16. * Visa "Gave You My Love" (Visa 2005 Mix)
17. Force & Styles "Apollo 13"

Robbie Long's mix:
1. * 2 Damn Tuff "Blow The Roof" (Stormtrooper's Intro Remix Ft MC Ethos)
2. * Alex 90 "The Message"
3. * Stabilized Ft MC Ethos "Drop The Needle"
4. Ham "Jump 2 Da Groove"
5. * Flyin, DJ Storm & Rampant "X-Rated"
6. * Stabilized "Learn To Dance"
7. * Robbie Long & AMS "Ear Popper"
8. Eclipse "24/7" (Ham Mix)
9. * Stormtrooper & Dair "Do It Like That"
10. * Vinylgroover & The Red Hed "Everlasting" (Flyin & DJ Storm Rmx)
11. * Robbie Long & AMS "Acid Bath"
12. * Cally & Juice "All You Bastards" (Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Rmx)
13. * Impact & Resist "Insomniak"
14. * Delta X "Keep Pushing" (AMS Rmx)
15. * Stormtrooper & Dair "Underground"
16. Xavi Metralla "Vibrations"
* Exclusive to the album

Hardcore Nation - Final Artwork

   Tracklist for Hardcore Nation
A draft tracklist for the new CD by Warner / Nukleuz has leaked onto the net, the CD is due for release early to mid march 2005.

Disc One - DJ Seduction's Mix
1. Let It Go-Gammer [Hardcore V.I.P. Mix]
2. Caught Up In Your Love-Sy & Unknown
3. Only Your Love-Insight [Scott Brown Remix]
4. Fresh Cuts Last-DeejayBee & In Effect
5. Making Me Wanna Dance-ASA & S1 Feat. Lou Lou [Sy & Unknown Remix]
6. Make It Bounce-Sy & Unknown [V.I.P. Album Mix]
7. Feel The Bass-Gammer
8. Fly Away-Visa [DJ Seduction Mix]
9. Make The Track Spin-Seduction & Storm
10. Stand And Stare (Kick Ya Legs)-Dougal & Gammer
11. I See The Light-Sy & Unknown
12. Energy Rush-DJ Flyin & Sparky [Stompy Remix]
13. Slammin 'n Jammin-DJ Seduction
14. Time To Fly-Stompy & Abeyance [DJ Seduction Remix]
15. Body Shake-Adam L
16. Energy-DeejayBee & Compulsion
17. All Of My Life-Aluna [Breeze & Styles Remix]

Disc Two - Stu Allan
1. Jeeiihaaa!-Diss Reaction
2. Cold As Ice-Stingray & Sonicdriver [Remix]
3. Luv U More-Stu Allan & Pete Pritchard
4. Don't Leave Me Alone-DJ Paul Elstak
5. What's Up?-Organ Donors [Dougal & Gammer Mix]
6. Injected With A Poison-Praga Khan [Hixxy Mix]
7. Don't Go Away-Visa [2005 Update]
8. Fly Away-Visa [Original]
9. Cloudy Daze-Bang!
10. Still The One-Dougal & Gammer
11. Drifting Away-Impact & Resist
12. Serenity-DJ Energy [Visa Remix]
13. Let's Fly-DJ Breeze
14. Wonderful Days-Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo [Original Trance Mix]
15. Pretty Green Eyes-Force & Styles
16. Gave U My Love-Visa
17. Apollo 13-Force & Styles

Disc Three - Robbie Long
1. Blow The Roof-2 Damn Tuff [Stormtrooper Remix]
2. The Message-Alex 90
3. Drop The Needle-Stabilized
4. Jump 2 Da Groove-Ham
5. X-Rated!-Flyin' & Rampant
6. Learn 2 Dance-Stabilized
7. Ear Popper-Robbie Long & AMS
8. 24 7-Eclipse [Ham Mix]
9. Do It Like That-Stormtrooper & Dair
10. Everlasting-Vinylgroover & The Red Head [DJ Flyin' Remix]
11. Acid Bath-Robbie Long & AMS
12. All You Bastards-Cally & Juice [Robbie Long & Stormtrooper Remix]
13. Insomniak-Impact & Resist
14. Keep Pushing-Delta X [AMS Remix]
15. Underground-Stormtrooper & Dair
16. Vibrations-Xavi Metralla

Hardcore Nation

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   Pre-order: Bang! - Shooting Star - The album
Several years in the making, the time is upon us, the new Bang! album is set to release at the end of this month. We know you all can't wait to get your hands on a copy so have you covered. You can pre-order the album direct from at a super low price of only 13.99 UK Pounds (axp. 13.99 UK Pounds / USD$26.50 / 20.29 Euro / CAD $32.65 / AUD $33.73 / 2,792 Japanese Yen) including worldwide shipping! Yep worldwide shipping, to any city or nation in the world!

The first CD is mixed by DJ Storm and the second disc is single for the CDJ DJ's out there. Click here or the CD artwork below to pre-order now!

Check out the tracklist with some audio clips!
Audio (MP3)
Track #'s Tracklisting - Remixer listed in brackets.
Disc 1 - DJ mixed by Storm
1: Shooting Star (2k4 mix) (DJ Storm & Euphony)
2: Lost In Space (DJ Storm & Euphony)
3: Sailaway (Dj Storm & Euphony Remix)
4: Break Of Dawn (Dj Storm & Euphony Remix)
5: Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (Dj Storm & Euphony Remix)
6: Hyperspace (Dj Storm & Euphony Remix)
7: Till The Day (Blizzard Mix)
8: Crazy little Fingers (Dj Phoshor Mix)
9: Fall To Sleep (Phosphor & Millenium Bugg Remix)
10: Shine A Light (Dj Phoshor Mix)
11: 'Til The Day (Bliss Mix - Dj Phoshor Mix)
12: Crazy Little Fingers (Luna-C Remix)
13: Shine A Light (Touching Down Mix)

Disc 2 - Singles
1: Shooting Star (2k4 mix) (DJ Storm & Euphony)
2: Lost In Space (DJ Storm & Euphony)
3: ''Til The Day (Blizzard mix) (dj phosphor & dj justrich)
4: Sail Away (DJ Storm & Euphony)
5: Fall To Sleep (dj phosphor & Milennium Bugg)
6: Crazy Little Fingers (dj phosphor & dj justrich)
7: Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (DJ Storm & Euphony)
8: Break Of Dawn (DJ Storm & Euphony)
9: Hyperspace (DJ Storm & Euphony)
10: Shine A Light (dj phosphor)
11: Crazy Little Fingers (Luna-C)
12: 'Til The Day (Bliss mix) (dj phosphor)
13: Shine A Light (Touching Down mix) (Devastate)

Shooting Star - The album - Click to pre-order

   Fed's are back
After a short break, the next installment from FBI has hit. This release features the talents of both TLM aka Joey Riot & Abeyance & Shauny C. Release out in a few weeks.

FBI 009
A: TLM - I Feel Alive (Abeyance & Shauny C remix)
AA: TLM- Your Light
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   Live Hardcore this week.
The real deal is right here, join nearly 1,000 people live as radio brings you the best the world has to offer in hardcore music. To tune in click here or select your bitrate / format from the radio drop down menu. This weeks round up:

Round 1: The CPX Radio crew live and direct from Sydney Australia to the world. The CPX crew features the DJing talents of DJ's Weaver (Raver Baby), Carlo, Suae, Tom-E, with special guests this week DJ Hex and DJ Shaman.

Round 2 : DJ Silver live, uncensored and uncut from Tokyo Japan for a massive three hour set... Tune in for the all the latest hardcore tunes.

Round 3: Last but certainly not least, NAHM this week has got some of Canada's finest once again - The Blizzard Boys - DJ's Phosphor and JustRich! NAHM this week will also features DJs Virus and Sean Apollo stepping up to throw down. Tune in for four hours of LIVE hardcore. Start times are as follows:
First Hour: Virus
Second & Third Hour: Blizzard Boys
Fourth Hour: Sean Apollo

February 16th, 2005
Sydney Australia:
Wed: 7:00pm - 10:00pm - CPX Radio
Wed: 11:00pm - 3:00am - DJ Silver
Thur: 10:00am - 2:00pm - NAHM

Wed: 5:00pm - 8:00pm - CPX Radio
Wed: 9:00pm - 1:00am - DJ Silver
Thur: 8:00am - 12:00pm - NAHM

Wed: 8:00am - 11:00am - CPX Radio
Wed: 12noon - 4:00pm - DJ Silver
Wed: 11:00pm - 3:00am - NAHM

Los Angeles:
Wed: 12:00am - 3:00am - CPX Radio
Wed: 4:00am - 8:00am - DJ Silver
Wed: 3:00pm - 7:00pm - NAHM

New York:
Wed: 3:00am - 6:00am - CPX Radio
Wed: 7:00am - 11:00am - DJ Silver
Wed: 6:00pm - 10:00pm - NAHM
   DJ Daydream makes return to hardcore
DJ Daydream (profile) has been spotted on a new flyer for a hardcore event in Australia called Scattered. He has teamed up with DJ Midian (a local Australian DJ) forming the new group Alienation playing a live PA for the event. It is unclear at the moment where and how the tunes will be released to the public.

DJ Daydream had several releases on the early bonkers series and is known for his work on the early Essential Platinum and his own label Red Rocket Records.

The party scattered party in Australia also features DJ Impact from FBI Recordings and DJ Bonebreaker from Brooklyn Bounce, so should be a good come back event for Daydream.
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   Infexious Audio fire the first shot
Infexious Audio have released news and audio on their first release due very shortly. You heard it first here :)

Audio (Real Audio)
A: Impact & In Effect - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
AA: Impact & In Effect - Close Your Eyes (Hixxy Mix)

Infexious audio logo

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   Nukleuz EP 2
Nukeluz are releasing even more hardcore on vinyl, fresh after their first release with the "Hardcore EP 1" comes funnily enough "Hardcore EP 2" due next month. The vinyl looks as follows:

A1: 4 rising stars - Feelin me (Styles & Breeze remix)
A2: Aluna - All of my life (Styles & Breeze remix)
B1: Praga Khan - Injected with a poison (Hixxy remix)
B2: Organ Donors - Blackout (King ace edit)

Update: We have been getting questions on the this release, all the mixes are hardcore.
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   Hardcore Nation confirmed Nukleuz and Warner Dance release has confirmed that the mystery CD hardcore nation is in fact the release from Nukleuz. Warner Dance were actually out of the picture for a while hence the previous post but now are back on board for the release distribution. The release will be accompanied by a 12" vinyl sampler containing 4 tracks from the new album. The artwork below is in fact pre-release artwork, expect full artwork next week with a TV ad.

You can pre-order the item now!

Hardcore Nation

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   Final hardcore heaven TV ad
The final UK Hardcore Heaven TV ad featuring MC Storm has landed. A few changes in the video and backing audio tracks.

The Hardcore Heaven album by Resist is on sale February 21st 2005. Go ahead and click to pre-order now.

Click the TV grabs below to play the entire video.

Video (Window Media 9):

Final hardcore heaven UK advert.

   Hardcore Nation
A new CD cover has popped up on Amazon called Hardcore Nation to be released by Warner, but here is the confusion. The new Nukleuz release was to be called Hardcore Nation and to be mixed by DJ Seduction, Robbie Long and Stu Allen, the artwork only suggests Stu Allen is mixing the album, but does indicate it is a 3 disc release. When asked Nukleuz said that the new album from them was not going to be distributed via Warner, but this information suggests otherwise - confused yet?

This new artwork can only mean one of two things:
1. This is indeed the artwork for the Nukleuz release and the distributor information is wrong and the cover artwork is not the final artwork on Amazon.
2. This is a new CD from Warner called Hardcore Nation and Nukleuz have a different CD release with a different name, but still using Stu Allen.

If we were to take a guess at this, this is the Nukleuz release with non final or sample artwork. Nukleuz were perhaps in discussions with Warner and things did not work out, but Warner did not remove the title from their release schedule and it was sent to the distributors. As usual we will keep you informed.

Either way you can pre-order the item now if you are interested.

Hardcore Nation

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   What time is it?
Time to Fly according to Stompy & Abeyance for Maximum Impact's eleventh release. has the audio for you, in stores shortly.

Audio (Real Audio):
Stompy & Abeyance - Time To Fly (Seduction remix)
Stompy & Abeyance - Time To Fly
   Bonkers 2 & 5 silver edition + Sharkey Hardlife
Resist (formally React) are re-releasing Bonkers 2 and Bonkers 5 to celebrate that they both have achieved silver sales status in the UK (over 60,000 units sold). The new releases have been spiced up with some nice special edition metalic silver covers.

Also seeing a re-release is Sharkey's first album Hardlife both on CD and vinyl. This re-issue precedes the release of Sharkey's new artist album 'Sharkzter' due out later this year!

As per usual you are able to pre-order Bonkers 2 - Silver Edition (Resist), Bonkers 5 - Silver Edition, Sharkey Hard Life (CD) and Sharkey Hard Life (VINYL) from these link.

Bonkers 2 + 3 Silver editions

Sharkey Hardlife

   Nukluez go big with next EP release + competition
Nukleuz are going big for their next round of hardcore EP releases with Visa - Fly away remixes EP! Nukleuz have told that Radio1 (UK's largest national radio station) has expressed great interest in the new release and should be playing it in their regular playlists (how's that for no hardcore on Radio 1).

The CD single contains 7 mixes!
1. Radio Edit
2. Clock Radio Mix
3. Time Ladies Please 12" mix
4. Clock Mix
5. DJ Seduction Remix
6. Hixxy Remix
7. Visa Vocal Club Mix and Nukleuz are giving the change for 3 lucky people to pickup the new CD single. Click the graphic below to enter!

Visa - Fly away 7 new remixes!

   Hardcore Heaven TV commercial
The UK TV advert for the new hardcore heaven CD album from Resist has landed at first. The triple disc CD is mixed by Brisk, Sy and Kevin Energy with the album out February 21st 2005. The 19 second commercial features footage of past hardcore heaven events in the UK, if you went to a previous hardcore heaven and was filmed you could be part of the TV commercial :)

We are not sure if this is the final version or not as there are not a lot of voice overs. We will keep you informed.

Love it and want to pre-order? Go ahead and click to pre-order now..

Click the TV grabs below to play the entire video.

Video (Window Media 9):

It's hardcore heaven time

   Clubland x-tream hardcore
You heard it first on, AATW are doing a full on hardcore album. Yep, pick your jaws off the ground it's true. AATW are the commercial dance label that are responsible for 95% of the chart hardcore cover songs at the moment. The release also will be heavily TV advertised in the UK. The release will be a three disc release disc's one and two are mixed by Breeze & Styles with the bonus disc containing a set of unmixed singles all done by Hixxy.

The CD is called "Clubland X-tream hardcore" and will be on sale late March or Early April 2005.

This is just the beginning, 2005 is the year of hardcore releases, there are so many hardcore CD releases coming this year it is not funny.
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   Raver Baby updates
News direct from the source says the pictures disc of the upcoming Raver Baby Records releases will be out in the next 1-2 weeks. They include "Darren Styles - Cutting deep" and "Darren Styles - Skydiving" for one vinyl and the other the "I adore" remixes. will be the first store in the world to carry stock :)
   Evolution and eplus updates
Evolution Records have released information on their next few tunes, including the long awaited neckbreaker remixes. All to hit stores shortly in the following months.

A: Scott Brown - Neckbreaker mixes (part 1) (Essential Platinum remix)
B: Scott Brown - Neckbreaker mixes (part 1) (Scott Brown NuStyle mix)

Qtex - The reason
Qtex - **** your style

Plus 21
A: Scott Brown - Neckbreaker mixes (part 2) (Plus System remix)
B: Scott Brown - Neckbreaker mixes (part 2) (Sy & Unknown remix)

Plus 22
Scott Brown (Plus System) - Bassline of the century
   Live on radio! radio has got you covered this week for live shows. We are expanding our live show coverage and we have even bumped our AAC MP4 stream onto the fulltime stream select, plus brought back the free 24k MP3 stream for all the peeps requesting it on dial up. The round up this weeks looks like:

First up the CPX Radio crew are back, showing the world what Aussie hardcore DJ talent is all about, The CPX crew features the DJing talents of DJ's Weaver (Raver Baby), Carlo, Suae, Tom-E + special weekly guests!

The DJ Silver show has expanded, we have brought in more big name Japanese hardcore DJ's for your listening pleasure and extended the show an extra hour. We know alot of peeps can't get enough of the Japanese hardcore we hope to fill your void with the new show format.
1st hour: DJ Angel
2nd hour: DJ Chucky
3rd hour: DJ Sharpnel
4th hour: DJ Euto
5th hour: DJ Silver

Last but certainly not least, Big things are going on at the NAHM camp as the special monthly guests AC Slater and Daywalker are coming on NAHM to bring you the latest in freeform and the Pitched Up Recordings stables. Sean Apollo and Milo are also stepping in to throw down some brand spankin' new hardcore sounds. Start times are as follows:
First Hour: Sean Apollo
Second & Third Hour: AC Slater & Daywalker
Fourth Hour: Milo

February 9th, 2005
Sydney Australia:
Wed: 7:00pm - 10:00pm - CPX Radio
Wed: 11:00pm - 3:00am - DJ Silver and the Japanese hardcore massive.
Thur: 10:00am - 2:00pm - NAHM

Wed: 5:00pm - 8:00pm - CPX Radio
Wed: 9:00pm - 1:00am - DJ Silver and the Japanese hardcore massive.
Thur: 8:00am - 12:00pm - NAHM

Wed: 8:00am - 11:00am - CPX Radio
Wed: 12noon - 4:00pm - DJ Silver and the Japanese hardcore massive.
Wed: 11:00pm - 3:00am - NAHM

Los Angeles:
Wed: 12:00am - 3:00am - CPX Radio
Wed: 4:00am - 8:00am - DJ Silver and the Japanese hardcore massive.
Wed: 3:00pm - 7:00pm - NAHM

New York:
Wed: 3:00am - 6:00am - CPX Radio
Wed: 7:00am - 11:00am - DJ Silver and the Japanese hardcore massive.
Wed: 6:00pm - 10:00pm - NAHM
   Nukleuz to release triple disc hardcore set
Half accurate news leaked last week about a new hardcore album from Nukleuz, the release will be out in a few months and feature the DJing talents of DJ's Seduction, Robbie Long and Stu Allan. had been sitting on this news for weeks due to a gag order by Nukleuz on us, but since part of the news has leaked we might as well report that bit :) Expect full details on as soon as possible.
   Do We Have To Say Goodbye?
If Quosh have their way we might just have to, the latest creation for the Quosh records stable with audio below. Expect release shortly :)

Audio (Real Audio):
A: Sy & Unknown - Do We Have To Say Goodbye
B: Sy & Unknown - Sounds Of The Underground
   The third collection
The Hardcore Collections label have released news and audio on their third release. In store soon.

Audio (Real Audio):
A: Joey Riot - Wide Awake
AA: Resis - Close My Eyes
   Hardcore mix on Heartbeatz commercial release
Out this month from AATW is the commercial release for Heartbeatz, the final mixes on the CD single are now known and the single now does include the original hardcore mix, which is great news. wish all the best luck to Breeze, Styles & singer Karen for this new Heartbeatz release!

The mixes on the release include:

Radio edit
Rezonance Q
Flip & Fill
Plus the music video

AATW (All Around the World) are a commercial dance label based in the UK.

Heartbeatz - Final cover

   Who's hardcore?
625 of you are! At least in January 2005 you were. January 2005 saw the highest new membership signup rate ever in the 5+ years has been in existence. Not only did we register a new monthly record sign up but January was the month we broke our long standing radio simultaneous listener record, not only did we break the record once, we continued to break it all of last month setting a new simultaneous record of just under 900 people.

Talk about growth in a hardcore community! As more and more new people find hardcore music and older people come back to hardcore, we are happy to be your landing pad for everything hardcore. The hardcore revolution starts right here!
   Bang! bang out their first album
Bang! have completed their first album and has the artwork and a few audio clips of the upcoming album. The new album will be coming out on a newly formed hardcore label called "Stormin Tunes", which funnily enough has no relationship to DJ Storm who's remixes are featured on the album.

Audio (MP3):
Bang! - Shooting Star (DJ Storm & Euphony Remix)
Bang! - Sailaway (DJ Storm & Euphony Remix)
Bang! - Sunshine on a cloudy day (DJ Storm & Euphony Remix)

Bang! - Shooting Star

   YCUK taps into the hardcore
More hardcore pops up as commercial trance music, well at least in one case with "Triple J - Have it all" which is covered into a big trance version due for release in the near future. The other two tracks are technically not covers because they both are yet to be official released in hardcore, but interesting to hear other non hardcore versions anyway to get an idea of the artists mind. All tunes are to be released on YCUK Records from Liverpool UK.

Audio (MP3):
ALX - Have It All (Original Mix)
ALX - Have It All (Stevie B)
ALX - Have It All (CJ Constable)

Hixxy - Injected with a poison

TLM - Saving Grace (Cheeky Trax Mix)
TLM - Saving Grace (CJ Constable Mix)
TLM - Saving Grace (Dizzy Deejays Mix)
Camel Records have left the gates open and few new Camels have wondered out with audio, artwork and release dates. has the low down.

CAM008 - Oli G EP - April 2005
A: Oli G - Exhilaration
AA: Oli G - Gir

CAM009 - Finnish EP - May 2005
A: Alek Száhala - Chimaera
AA: Pain On Creation - v8

CAM010 - Pain On Creation EP - June 2005
A: Nomic & Pain On Creation - Make Me Real
AA: Pain On Creation - Hypnodisc

Camel 8 artwork

Camel 9 artwork

Camel 10 artwork

New camel 7 artwork

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   BB and NG
Blatant Beats and the Next Generation Records crew have posted information and audio on their next few releases, has you covered :)

A: Euphoria feat MC Casper & MC Wotsee - Save Me
AA: Euphoria feat MC Casper & MC Wotsee - Echo of Heaven

A. Vagabond - Dancefloor Innovators
AA. Vagabond - Bone Crusher

A. Brisk & Vagabond - The Time Has Come
AA. Brisk & Vagabond - Punchdrunk

A. Euphoria - Hold The Rush
AA. Euphoria - Eternal Heights
   You're Shining down under.
Styles & Breeze - You're Shining is getting a release in Australia via Central Station Records! We nabed the artwork for the peeps that don't live in the land down under...where woman grow and men plunder.

Tracklist looks like:
1. You're Shining - Radio Edit
2. You're Shining - Extended Mix
3. You're Shining - Original Hardcore Remix
4. You're Shining - Dark Mix
5. You're Shining - Rezonance Q Remix
6. You're Shining - Hixxy Remix

Styles & Breeze Shine downunder

   Relentless hit 10
Relentless vinyl have put out information and audio for their tenth release due in stores shortly.

Audio (Real Audio):
A: Lost Soul - Speak Your Mind
AA: DJ Impact - DJ's Calling
   Music is not movin
As reported two days ago on a new remix of Music is movin from CLSM was due out shortly, but a disagreement with the original owners of the track have caused the track to be not available for release.
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